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"The tutor at Math Success ~ Academic Success has been Patient and Positive with my son. He has shown a talent for taking the complex and breaking it down in simple terms for my son. Without the tutor's help, I know my son would not have passed Algebra I."
"The tutor at Math Success/Academic Success is very helpful and is able to answer all of my questions. He has helped me understand things that I was struggling with and can explain things better and is easier for me to understand than the teacher explanation."
-J. Manzo
Business Calculus
"My experience with tutoring was a positive one. The Tutor that the program provided was very helpful and knowledgeable in the Calculus Course. He was also 'Very Patient' with my questions."
-E. B.
"I am pleased with the tutor we have for Algebra I. He is always on time and ready to go with a smile on his face. The most important result for my son has been Regaining his Confidence in his ability to learn Algebra."
"This is our first experience with a Tutoring Service and we are very satisfied with the results. I will highly recommend Math Success ~ Academic Success Tutoring Service to family and friends."
D.G. parent
"You have truly been a success at our house. Our grandson, who was struggling with 8th grade pre-algebra, has gone from F's on quizzes and tests to A's in just over a month." You assured us when we first contacted you that you could help him, and you did! Our grandson was able to see his improvement right away. Now he looks forward to his Math class and has confidence in his own Math ability. The tutor you chose for him is wonderful. They work very well together. Our only regret is that we didn't know about you sooner."
Proud Grandparents
"I had problems applying classroom discussion on math problems at home. It seemed so easy in class; yet when I got home I was lost. Math Success ~Academic Success Tutoring helped me bridge that transition from classroom work to homework.
"Tutoring with my tutor at Math Success ~ Academic Success helped me understand the material. He made algebra very interesting and fun. My test scores have gone up and my overall grade has also gone up. It has been a very fun experience and I would definitely recommend the service to others."
- C.B. Algebra II
"The tutor was able to give Scott a different view or explanation for solving the problems. The tutor helped Scott stay focused and got him back on topic if Scott got distracted. Scott enjoyed the tutor's help."
-L. M parent
"Kristen has benefited from her tutoring in Math this school year. Kristen's grades reflect her success. It was wonderful to see the confidence in her! The tutoring service was very convenient in that we didn't have to leave the house and we were always notified if there were any changes. Thanks for a grand year."
-P. Schotz
"My daughter was tutored by two young men. Both demonstrated they had an excellent knowledge of the subject matter. Both were very dependable & reliable. They also helped her understand difficult concepts."
- L.B.
"Math Camp has had a positive effect on Adrian's attitude of her skills in Math. When before she would block out concepts and resist efforts to learn and try, now she's open and can pull knowledge from the brain with familiarity on each math exercise in Junior High. She's comfortable to try now! Thanks!"
- Satisfied customer