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Find a home tutor, in-home tutoring, homework help, private tutors, math and all academic subjects, in your area

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Parents Guide to Helping their Child in Math (K-12 Grade)

A 30 page Manual written by Deborah, the owner of Math Success ~Academic Success Tutoring. This handy Manual guides you through the stages of learning from Elementary School through High School. It will show you the best way to encourage and guide your child through the struggles that often accompany Math. It will show you the stumbling blocks that usually occur that can halt your child from moving forward with Math. From multiplication tables, to adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing Fractions. Long Division, percentages, decimals and so much more. This Manual helps you to encourage your child and not fall into the trap of buying every "Self Help" Math book and flash cards that kids so often hate! The name of the game is, learn your basics young so that when Algebra and Geometry comes along, it is a piece of cake. You will learn all of the ways to help your child without having to learn everything yourself.


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for more info! (Math/Academic Success) tutoring service specializes in finding and matching the most compatible tutor for our clients in your area - throughout Southern California and even the United States(USA). We send local private tutors to your home or library. Our service will help you find a tutor with the academic background to blend in based on your unique learning style, interests, and career goals. We are always seeking fresh tutors who can motivate an individual to learn passionately and drive one to succeed for future Academic Success.

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"The tutor at Math Success ~ Academic Success has been Patient and Positive with my son. He has shown a talent for taking the complex and breaking it down in simple terms for my son. Without the tutor's help, I know my son would not have passed Algebra I."

"You have truly been a success at our house. Our grandson, who was struggling with 8th grade pre-algebra, has gone from F's on quizzes and tests to A's in just over a month. You assured us when we first contacted you that you could help him, and you did! Our grandson was able to see his improvement right away. Now he looks forward to his Math class and has confidence in his own Math ability. The tutor you chose for him is wonderful. They work very well together. Our only regret is that we didn't know about you sooner."

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